起源の場所: 中国
ブランド名: ALLCOLD
証明: CE
モデル番号: AVC-2000-4P
最小注文数量: 1 セット
価格: USD 40000-80000
パッケージの詳細: 国際規格のパッケージ
受渡し時間: 30-45 仕事日
支払条件: / TのL / CのTは、ウェスタンユニオン
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圧縮機: /Hanbell/Refcomp/Dorin 真空のpumpl: Leybold/Busch/Becker
Leybold/Busch/Becker: Danfoss/Frascold/Eden 電気部品: 電気部品
冷たい媒体: R404a 供給力: 220-660V/3P
冷却容量: 1600-2000KG/Cycle 放射能冷却期間: 20-30miuntes/cycle
冷却のタイプ: 空冷/水冷







broccoli vacuum cooler/cabbages vacuum cooling machine/lettuce vacuum precooling system/mushrooms vacuum chiller



Vacuum Cooler Brief Description

Vacuum cooling is known to be the most rapid cooling technique for any porous product which has free water and works on the principle of evaporative cooling. Vacuum cooling is generally used for cooling food products having a high water content and large porosities, due to its efficacy in losing water from both within and outside the products. This is the most widely used technique for rapid cooling of food product which has been proven to be one of the most efficient and economical method of cooling and storage of vegetables, fruits, flowers & more.


This cooling technology not only strongly improves the product quality, but also increases the shelf life of product and at the same time it reduces the cooling costs compared to the conventional cooling method available.


Vacuum Cooler Main Components

a. Vacuum system--To takes away the air in vacuum chamber, then cool the vegetables down.

b. Vacuum chamber--To load your vegetables

c. Refrigeration system--To catch the water vapor in ths chamber so as to ensure the continous cooling process.

d. Control system---To control and show the working condition of the vacuum cooler.



Vacuum Cooler Features

1.Extend Shelf Life: Stay freshness and Nutrition Longer

2. Green Cooling: Energy saving &Optimal cooling efficiency

3. Radily Cooling: From 30°C to 3°C in 20-30 Minutes

4. Accurated Control: PLC combine with sensitive sensors&valves

5. Easy Operation Design: Automatic Control work with touch screen

6. Reliable Parts: Busch/Leybold/Elmo Rietschle//Danfoss/Johnson/Schneider/LS


Vacuum Cooler Advantages

1. Minimized production losses

2. Improved economic of harvest operations

3. Minimized losses during marketing

4. Improved utilization by consumer

5. Expanded market opportunities



Vacuum Cooler Application Field

1. Vegetables(All Leafy Vegetables/Broccoli/Cauli Flower/Mushrooms/Sweet corn/ etc.)
2. Flowers(Fresh cut flowers)
3. Fruits(Berries/Cherries etc.)



Vacuum Cooler Models&Specifications

Vegetables/Flowers/Fruits Vacuum Cooler Models& Specifications
Model No. Processing Capacity Inside Chamber
Produce Weight
Electricity Type Total Power
AVC-500 1 Pallet 1,400x1,400x2,200 300-500 220V-660V/3P 31
AVC-1000 2 Pallets 2,600x1,400x2,200 800-1,000 220V-660V/3P 39
AVC-1500 3 Pallets 3,900x1,400x2,200 1,200-1,500 220V-660V/3P 47
AVC-2000 4 Pallets 5,200x1,400x2,200 1,500-2,000 220V-660V/3P 72
AVC-3000 6 Pallets 6,500x1,400x2,200 2,300-3,000 220V-660V/3P 98
AVC-4000 8 Pallets 5,300x2,600x2,200 3,200-4,000 220V-660V/3P 121
AVC-5000 10 Pallets 6,600x2,600x2,200 4,200-5,000 220V-660V/3P 145
AVC-6000 12 Pallets 7,900x2,600x2,200 5,200-6,000 220V-660V/3P 166



Customized Options of Our Vacuum Cooler

1. Condensor Options: Air cooling/Water cooling /Evaporative

2. Function Options: Hydro system&Water spray system

3. Door Options: Manual Door/Horizontal Sliding Door/ Upwards Lifting Door/ Vertical Lifting Door